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The cost of a survey or inspection is simple to calculate, but is dependant on the mission and its location. Please provide details in order to complete an accurate quotation. Get in touch we’ll be happy to provide a no obligation quotation

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Aerial Imaging

Why use Aerial Imaging?

Take your business to a new level and watch it fly. Wow your customers with stunning promotional and unique aerial images and video.

Capturing great aerial images using a Drone is significantly cheaper than using a light aircraft or helicopter, which can cost many hundreds or even thousands per hour to operate. A drone can achieve remarkable aerial imagery for a fraction of the cost of hiring an aerial filming unit, comprised of a relatively large and expensive crew.

What can really make a promo or film stand out is the way it’s edited – making it emotive can be key to striking a cord with your potential clients. Helix UAV have our own award winning editor in the team -what are you waiting for!?

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The cost of a survey or inspection is simple to calculate, but is dependant on the mission and its location. Please provide details in order to complete an accurate quotation.  Get in touch we’ll be happy to provide a no obligation quotation

“Opportunities for the commercial application of drones is set to continue to grow…”

Aerial imagination

Almost any industry can benefit from aerial imaging. Photography and videography captured from a birds-eye vantage point gets the attention and visibility you want for everything imaginable – from marketing to site inspections to thermal energy detection. Aerial images can be further processed to offer new insight, which is a game changer in so many industries. Why settle for uninspiring and ineffectual ground-level photography and video when aerial drone imaging is within your reach?

Aerial imaging generates interest and excitement in your audience and prompts action: more holiday bookings or high-end homes sold. A better fan experience. Quicker and more efficient inspections. The panoramic aerial vantage point is sure to amaze and inspire action.

Stunning HD aerial still and video imagery can be used for TV or movies, sporting or concert events, or corporate/brand marketing.

Generate interest

TV, Film internet

Brand Marketing

Digital Marketing Solutions

Have you looked at creating a promo for your business and found it too costly and complicated?

It’s time to impress your client base with affordable marketing solutions from Helix UAV. We can create a fully edited promotional film or you can have the raw footage (it’s yours).

To take your businesses potential to the next level lets show them what you’ve got.

3D imaging of objects and structures that can be interactively manipulated on your web page for your marketing purposes is now possible. You no longer need NASA you need Helix UAV.

Night Operations

The camera it self maximises the ability to obtain as much available light as possible via a wide aperture lens. This, and the combined ability of capturing RAW (uncompressed) footage, allows for wider range of post production and filming choices. 

Helix UAV drones are equipped with the latest camera technology. This allows Helix UAV to obtain incredible footage during low light or night conditions. 

Hover inspire tagging

Logo marketing

Imagine how much it would take to have your own logo on the side of a very large building? Just the expense and the logistics would be prohibitive.
The choice? We can achieve embedding the logo on a chosen building using post production techniques. Gives a whole new dynamic to film/video production and photography.

Logo marketing [2]

In this example its clear to see how dynamic digital marketing can be a great advertising tool. The logos appear to be “real”, on both moving and static surfaces. One of many post production techniques that can be employed when creating promos for clients.

Parallax labelling

Post production example of parallax labelling. Here you will see how we can parallax label specific areas within a given footage. This helps to highlight areas or objects of interest to the viewer in a dynamic way. This technique for example could be used to highlight faults when conducting inspections or to highlight product or item information to potential clients, again the uses are endless.

Focal point adjust

This shows how initially the jogger is bobbing up and down. Helix UAV is able to remove this so that the jogger appears to be perfectly aligned with the camera. This technique can be used for example, within scenes with movement such as vehicles or parallax frame shots – the uses are endless.


Get ready to experience the wonder of RAW. The Zenmuse X5R is the world’s first Micro Four Thirds aerial camera capable of recording lossless 4K videos in RAW. With a frame rate of up to 30fps and 1.7Gbps average bitrate (2.4Gbps maximum bitrate), the X5R empowers you to capture breathtaking professional-level footage every time. Packed with a powerful MFT sensor, the camera also takes 16MP images
with stunning details, while the integrated 3-axis stabilisation gimbal keeps the camera level. Finally, an aerial camera that’s truly fit for the professionals.


The Zenmuse X5R gives you lossless 4K RAW video and crystal clear 16 megapixel photos. No other dedicated aerial camera can capture the same level ofdetail in every frame and every shot, even at distances that defy the imagination.truly fit for the professionals.

3D and not just mapping

Another tool in its armoury

Combining a series of aerial images with modeling software to make 3D or volumetric models benefits multiple industries such as construction, mining, or environmental. 3D models can be used to evaluate topography or monitor progress of projects or soil erosion, for instance, quickly and more affordably.

Drones are able to fly to places larger aircraft can’t – including mines or quarries — and as well as to sites where it’s unsafe to send people, such as precarious structures or remote locations. With aerial imaging, you can get a more comprehensive view of, and greater insight about, your asset or project. With drone technology, the sky is not the limit: the only limit is your imagination.

Aerial Imaging

Aerial Inspection

Aerial Surveying

Aerial Media

Aerial Imaging


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