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The cost of a survey or inspection is simple to calculate, but is dependant on the mission and its location. Please provide details in order to complete an accurate quotation. Get in touch we’ll be happy to provide a no obligation quotation

Aerial Inspections

Aerial Inspection

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Local and National drone inspections

Aerial Inspections, domestic or commercial can be effectively completed saving our clients time and money on traditional methods. The UAV provides unparalleled capability in providing access, accurate data tagged records in 4K on any size structure or site over land or sea.

If you have a national requirement Helix UAV has the national coverage to provide you with fixed pricing and quick deployment.

Get in touch to enquire about our national service contracts, using our nationwide CAA approved drone pilots.

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The cost of a survey or inspection is simple to calculate, but is dependant on the mission and its location. Please provide details in order to complete an accurate quotation.  Get in touch we’ll be happy to provide a no obligation quotation

“Opportunities for the commercial application of drones is set to continue to grow…”

Aerial Roof Inspections

 Where a property requires regular inspection to meet lease and / or insurance conditions a drone can provide an ideal and cost-effective solution. Drones have unprecedented levels of access to all roof and chimney areas, no matter how inaccessible they may be from the ground. Their eye-in-the-sky viewpoint and the resulting images can be used to take accurate measurements, removing inaccuracies caused by human error or different methodologies used. 

Flights can be repeated exactly at predefined intervals allowing the resulting images to be compared making it easy to determine changes over time.

Digital media can be easily shared between interested parties. Property managers, investors, insurance agents and maintenance teams can all have fast access to the same detailed information from the comfort of their desks.

Regular roof inspections really are something that will pay dividends over the years with the National Roofing Contractors Association recommend that regular professional inspections are ideal to keep your roof in top condition alongside less formal checks carried out by the home owner.   Asphalt and wooden shingled roofs should be inspected every three years with tiled roofs being professionally examined every five years.

Get in touch to enquire about our national service contracts, using our nationwide CAA approved drone pilots


The Health and Safety advantages over traditional inspection methods such as scaffolding or elevated platforms is obvious. The UAV offers the best possible method of carrying out non-contact overhead inspections. The drone pilot with their feet firmly on the ground completely removes the Health and Safety risks associated with Working at Height as well as the costs in labour.

Armed with a high resolution 4K camera every millimetre of your project will be accurately recorded, large or small no matter what the access difficulties from the ground.

Drones (UAV’s) offer a realistic non-invasive method of providing high quality data that you require, to determine if you need to deploy a maintenance crew.

Solar Panel Inspection

Domestic solar panels are now common place but many people do not realise the importance of maintenance so that optimum performance is achieved, otherwise it may become a poor investment. Faults can occur at any time, either when installed or due to age causing the solar panels efficiency to drop. Some faults may cause serious issues that may cause overheating or “shorting” that could ultimately increase the risk of fire. A recommended check should take place every other year.

Chimney Inspection

Access to the property chimney’s can be difficult and dangerous, however, some of the common problems with domestic roofs can be found around the chimney areas. Lead flashing or pointing can be one of the first issues let alone the hardest to see from the ground. Using a drone can retrieve highly detailed images providing valuable assessment information prior to any project commencement.

Guttering Inspection

In the case of guttering, prevention is definitely better than cure.  A neglected guttering system can, over time, cause a number of issues associated with the roof. Blockages will prevent roof drainage and even lead to water ingress within the building – an avoidable costly repair bill. Regular inspections will highlight issues before they develop into something more serious.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Have you looked at creating a promo for your business and found it too costly and complicated?

It’s time to impress your client base with affordable marketing solutions from Helix UAV. We can create a fully edited promotional film or you can have the raw footage (it’s yours).

To take your businesses potential to the next level lets show them what you've got.

3D imaging of objects and structures that can be interactively manipulated on your web page for your marketing purposes is now possible. You no longer need NASA you need Helix UAV.

Infrastructure, Pylon and Masts Inspection

Keep projects on schedule, report progress, and efficiently manage logistics.

Pylons, power-lines and other infrastructure present unique maintenance challenges due to their geographical dispersion, as well as their height. Traditionally inspected by helicopter-based methods, they can be more easily and efficiently inspected using drones. Advanced drone camera technology allows quick aerial inspections  moments after arriving on site. Capable of capturing 16 megapixel photos and 4K video as well as thermal, the images our cameras capture are detailed enough for fine post-inspection analysis while an optional live feed will allow operators to see significant problems as we fly.

Conducting wind turbine inspections via drones is a significant improvement over existing methods. A UAV drone is able to fly precisely and accurately in close proximity to the turbine, taking away the need to put people at risk. Advanced flight technologies ensure that a sudden gust of wind or pilot error will not result in a collision, while high definition stabilised cameras get the details required.

Construction Inspection

UAV’s (Drones) can be used to inspect almost any object or structure of any size in detail, inside and out. With the capability to cover entire areas to create reliable dated record’s in the form of 4K video, 4K Raw (for film production), photography and 3D mapping.

The traditional methods of inspecting a structure or an entire construction site or facility is costly in labour and time. Depending on the complexity of the task deploying a UAV can make any inspection possible without ladders, scaffolding, aircraft or boats.

The UAV provides an accurate, clear aerial view which enables clients to develop plans, track progress and monitor any issues.

Improvements to Infrastructure

Drones provide superior endurance and intelligence on job sites. Their ability to collect and report data allows them to complete work faster. The need for manual labour is all but removed from the equation. In the future, drones will take on even more integral tasks involved in large projects. They are poised to cut the time it takes to build a skyscraper by a broad margin, thereby cutting costs. Contractors who rely on drones will be able to make much more ambitious bids and complete work on time.

Visual Construction progress

Drag the slider arrows on the image below to reveal progress comparison.

In progressCompletion

Communication and Management

Drones are being used to maintain lines of communication at worksites by means of reporting back real time data. Drones that feature high quality 4K cameras can provide video footage to facilitate communication and surveillance. They allow companies to keep control of their workforce and are considered an increasingly invaluable tool for stakeholders and investors.

Already, communication and management are seeing a sharp increase in efficiency due to the ability to collect real-time data from drones. The decrease in delays in gathering data is having more of an impact each day. The ability to manage workflow 24/7 is unprecedented and is certain to have a significant impact on all manner of construction processes.

Take the roof on the house above. a client requested us to inspect the roof only to find a damaged tile.

Aerial Inspections

Aerial Inspection

Aerial Surveying

Aerial Media

Aerial Imaging


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