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The cost of a survey or inspection is simple to calculate, but is dependant on the mission and its location. Please provide details in order to complete an accurate quotation. Get in touch we’ll be happy to provide a no obligation quotation

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Aerial Surveying

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Why use Aerial Surveying?

Drones or UAVs should be viewed as an additional tool to compliment your business. As such, this tool can be quickly deployed to assist asset managers, providing the ability to examine defects using incredible 4K imaging. Inaccessible areas are no problem for a UAV, providing additional data that would have otherwise demanded additional financial cost or/and delay to the project. Our UAVs can provide Ultra High Definition images and video which again allows the client to have a birds eye view of the project without the need of an expensive plane or helicopter.

With professionally deployed UAV’s asset managers have instant access to almost any location or situation. The affordable choice of drones also gives the client minimal Health and Safety risks.

Acquired 4K footage can be delivered as RAW 4K video. In other words, unlike standard 4K footage which is compressed “onboard” and therefore loses data quality, we have the ability to provide uncompressed footage which in turn, gives unrivalled definition.  What ever the clients requirement, we can provide data driven reports, video or otherwise.

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The cost of a survey or inspection is simple to calculate, but is dependant on the mission and its location. Please provide details in order to complete an accurate quotation.  Get in touch we’ll be happy to provide a no obligation quotation

“Opportunities for the commercial application of drones is set to continue to grow…”

Aerial Surveying & Mapping

Helix UAV use drones (Unmanned Air Vehicles) for aerial surveys and mapping. This is achieved by combining low altitude aerial photography with geometrically calibrated cameras and a technique called photogrammetry. From this, it is possible to create 2D or 3D digital images and terrain models as well as orthophoto mosaics

In addition to building inspections, drone surveys are now established as a valuable approach to transmission tower and powerline surveying. By eliminating manual ‘at-height’ working, they greatly reduce risk and improve safety.

Aerial Surveying – Safety Benefits

Stake holders are always looking for ways to minimise the risk of accidents within all projects, as this will impact on both short and long term business outcomes. Drones will help reduce the risk of employee injuries as the images produced by a drone will highlight possible risks that would not be readily visible from the ground. Safety benefits:

  • Inspection of inaccessible locations with minimal financial impact 
  • Safety of workflow surveys improved.
  • Ultra High Definition digital imagery with documentation.
  • Monitor environmental factors helping to anticipate possible H&S implications
  • Reduced injuries and improving worker safety.

Reduced injuries

Anticipate issues

Less financial impact

Digital Marketing Solutions

Have you looked at creating a promo for your business and found it too costly and complicated?

It’s time to impress your client base with affordable marketing solutions from Helix UAV. We can create a fully edited promotional film or you can have the raw footage (it’s yours).

To take your businesses potential to the next level lets show them what you’ve got.

3D imaging of objects and structures that can be interactively manipulated on your web page for your marketing purposes is now possible. You no longer need NASA you need Helix UAV.

Logo marketing

Imagine how much it would take to have your own logo on the side of a very large building? Just the expense and the logistics would be prohibitive.
The choice? We can achieve embedding the logo on a chosen building using post production techniques. Gives a whole new dynamic to film/video production and photography.

Logo marketing [2]

In this example its clear to see how dynamic digital marketing can be a great advertising tool. The logos appear to be “real”, on both moving and static surfaces. One of many post production techniques that can be employed when creating promos for clients.

Parallax labelling

Post production example of parallax labelling. Here you will see how we can parallax label specific areas within a given footage. This helps to highlight areas or objects of interest to the viewer in a dynamic way. This technique for example could be used to highlight faults when conducting inspections or to highlight product or item information to potential clients, again the uses are endless.

Focal point adjust

This shows how initially the jogger is bobbing up and down. Helix UAV is able to remove this so that the jogger appears to be perfectly aligned with the camera. This technique can be used for example, within scenes with movement such as vehicles or parallax frame shots – the uses are endless.

3D Surveying, not just mapping

Another tool in your armoury

With the use of photogrammetry, we are able to obtain all the data relevant to a subject. A digital terrain model can be created based on the acquired data, enabling the creation of 3D models ready for reviewing and manipulation. These high quality 3D digital models can be reviewed and compared for future referencing.  

Processing with traditional data methods relating to  mapping (surveying) can be labour intensive. To assist with this, a UAV can be an additional tool.  This tool or UAV can accomplish a more efficent  surveying outcome by collecting data alongside traditional methods. 

What is photogrammetry? Images can be collected and then joined to produce an orthophoto mosaic. This allows the client to view a digital representation of the subject matter at their leisure.

Aerial Surveying

Aerial Inspection

Aerial Surveying

Aerial Media

Aerial Imaging


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