Drones & Dams

Drones & Dams They’re quiet, they capture crucial high-definition images and, most of all, they’re safer. Widely used in utility equipment inspections and wildfire mitigation efforts, drones have quickly become an essential tool for Southern California Edison (SCE) in its dam safety inspections, too. With 83 dams in SCE’s hydroelectric system stretching from Catalina Island to […]

Drones for Utilities- How AI is Redefining Utility Inspections

Drones for Utilities- How AI is Redefining Utility Inspections

How AI and machine learning algorithms redefine utility inspections as society faces this pandemic. The following is a guest post by Jaro Uljanovs, Lead AI Developer and Data Scientist at Sharper Shape, specialists in automated industrial inspections. Artificial intelligence (AI) boasts a wide range of potential applications, across nearly every industry imaginable — healthcare, automotive, […]

Flying High Part 2: The future of drone technology in UK cities

Business is ready for the drone economy: if we seize the opportunity, Britain can prosper, but only if we take the public with us Photo by Diana Măceşanu on Unsplash Mapping the UK drone sector Strong foundations exist in the UK The drone sector is growing fast. By 2030, PwC estimates that drones will have […]