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Frequently Asked Questions

No Doubt you have a number of questions so we will try to answer them here. If however its not covered, please feel free to contact us 

Are Helix UAV pilots approved by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)?

Yes – Helix UAV Drone Services has the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) “Permission for Commercial Operations” PfCO which means as a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) we are governed and regulated by the CAA. The Civil Aviation PfCO is mandatory for anyone flying drones for commercial use in the UK. 

Are Helix UAV drone services insured?

Yes, all Helix UAV missions are covered by our Public Liability insurance of £5 million. 

What are the legal operational limits in which Helix UAV pilots can fly ?

Under CAA regulations we are allowed to fly from ground level up to a maximum altitude of 400ft. Our maximum range permitted by the CAA is 500m with the pilot maintaining a visible line of sight (VLOS) at all times to the UAV (Drone).  

Drone operations are subject to the weather. We do not fly in rain or high winds. Therefore, a pragmatic approach is applied to scheduling our clients work. An unavoidable reschedule may be required if inclement weather is forecast.

We monitor the weather forecast 5 days in advance of any mission. If the forecast is currently unfavourable we will contact the client 48 hours prior to the mission informing them of this. The Pilot In Command will make the decision as to whether conditions will be safe to fly 24 hrs prior to the mission. If the Pilot In Command deems the mission unsafe, it will be rescheduled as soon as practicably possible. Please see our Terms and conditions.

How much does it cost to hire Helix UAV drone services?

To view our costs please go to this page

Our prices may vary depending on the complexity, associated risks and location of the mission. Please call or email us to discuss your plans and requirements.

Each job is unique and because all Helix UAV flights are covered by CAA regulations, we carry out a detailed online Pre-flight survey before we send you a final quote.

Can Helix UAV fly at night?

Yes – All Helix UAV pilots  are approved for night missions by the CAA.  Helix UAV drones operate cameras able to pickup incredible definition during low light conditions. Visit our Media page and dedicated Youtube Helix UAV channel play list HERE

Can Helix UAV drones fly indoors?

Yes – each scenario/mission is different – from a studio to warehous and will require different demands from both the drone and the pilot. 

Most of the time there are no issues with flying indoors but safety is our main concern. It may be necessary to conduct a brief  flight analyses with the drone onsight.

Can Helix UAV drones be hired by a third party?

No – We only hire out our pilots with the accompanying drone

All Helix UAV drones are registered with the CAA and each pilot needs to be approved by the CAA in order to fly them.

What is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is the art and science of extracting 3D information from photographs. The process involves taking overlapping photographs of an object, structure or space and converting them into 2D or 3D digital models.

Photogrammetry is often used by surveyors, architects, engineers and contractors to create topographic maps, meshes, point clouds or drawings based on the real world.

Now, it’s possible to do the same work with a drone. Drones have made it easier to safely capture hard-to-access or inaccessible areas where traditional surveying could be dangerous or impractical. Check out our SURVEYING page where you will see this in action.

What is NDVI?

NDVI is a Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, which is used to detect plant stress, ground moisture, irrigation issues, weeds, crop disease and compare vegetation conditions in various areas of a crop.

Drone cameras are able to obtain via many images the health of a given crop. Those images would then be processed giving an indication as to whether a crop is stressed in a particular area.

Do Helix UAV drones have redundancy capabilities?

Yes. There are procedures in place in case something unplanned happens for example a rotor failure. These detailed procedures have been approved by the CAA via our Operations Manual. We have varying types of drones each of which are regulalrly maintained for optimim reliability. One of our drones for example has six rotors and if it was unfortunate enough to encounter a rotor failure, is able fly with 5 instead of 6 rotors in an emergency – a capability most drones are unable to achieve.

Request a NO OBLIGATION quote

The cost of a survey or inspection is simple to calculate, but is dependant on the mission and its location. Please provide details in order to complete an accurate quotation.  Get in touch we’ll be happy to provide a no obligation quotation

“Opportunities for the commercial application of drones is set to continue to grow…”

Digital Marketing Solutions

Have you looked at creating a promo for your business and found it too costly and complicated?

It’s time to impress your client base with affordable marketing solutions from Helix UAV. We can create a fully edited promotional film or you can have the raw footage (it’s yours).

To take your businesses potential to the next level lets show them what you’ve got.

3D imaging of objects and structures that can be interactively manipulated on your web page for your marketing purposes is now possible. You no longer need NASA you need Helix UAV.

Logo marketing

Imagine how much it would take to have your own logo on the side of a very large building? Just the expense and the logistics would be prohibitive.
The choice? We can achieve embedding the logo on a chosen building using post production techniques. Gives a whole new dynamic to film/video production and photography.

Logo marketing [2]

In this example its clear to see how dynamic digital marketing can be a great advertising tool. The logos appear to be “real”, on both moving and static surfaces. One of many post production techniques that can be employed when creating promos for clients.



Parallax labelling

Post production example of parallax labelling. Here you will see how we can parallax label specific areas within a given footage. This helps to highlight areas or objects of interest to the viewer in a dynamic way. This technique for example could be used to highlight faults when conducting inspections or to highlight product or item information to potential clients, again the uses are endless.

Focal point adjust

This shows how initially the jogger is bobbing up and down. Helix UAV is able to remove this so that the jogger appears to be perfectly aligned with the camera. This technique can be used for example, within scenes with movement such as vehicles or parallax frame shots – the uses are endless.

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